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Traveling on the Appalachian Trail is rarely a solo experience. Is your group traveling with six or more on the AT? Are you tired of showing up to an already crowded site and having to squeeze in?

Summer camps, Adventure programs and Orientation groups account for 40% of traffic on the Trail. The Maine Appalachian Trail Club has been working to reduce overcrowding at sites and the increased impact it brings, with our Group Registration System. Thank you to those organizations who have been using it, and please join us in our efforts to those who have not.

By submitting the form below we can determine if your plans coincide with others. This won’t eliminate overcrowding, but it can prepare your group, or give you the option of re-routing. The system is voluntary, and does not reserve a site….it relies on participation in hopes that fees or permits won’t become necessary.

We cover the Trail north from Highway 26, starting with the Bald Mtn. site and ending with Hurd Brook Shelter, just south of the Baxter State Park line.

The group reservation system operates between May through October.

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