• Video of Selected Walks on the AT in the Carabassett Valley Area – The owner of the Carabassett Valley local access TV station, WSKI 17, Nadene McLeod, has posted the following LINK for selected walks on the AT.  There are three short videos (~ 2 minutes each)  on three hikes in the CV region. – Posted 5-8-12
  • Chainsaw Certification Letter from Lester – Read Chainsaw Certification letter from MATC President Lester Kenway Read Letter – Posted 2/4/12
  • New Member Handbook – The purpose of this handbook is to provide Maine Appalachian Trail Club (MATC) members with a brief overview of our Club and to provide members with a detailed list of volunteer opportunities, so that everyone has a chance to get involved. Read MATC New Member Handbook-PM – Posted 11/29/11


  • Book about the AT in Maine – Dave Field has authored a new book about the AT in Maine entitled, “Along Maine’s Appalachian Trail.” The book is available at the MATC Store at a discount price for MATC members. Read MorePosted 7/10/11