Trail and Campsite Maintainer Vacancies



To receive an MATC trail maintenance section, you must be a member of MATC, with trail maintenance skills.
These can be learned by joining MATC or the Maine Trail Crew worktrips or attending the MATC trail maintenance workshop.

Chainsaw Certification Workshops

Contact the District Overseer for more information or to apply for a Maintainer position

Current Maintainer Vacancies


Anyone interested in these assignments may apply by sending a letter or email of application to the listed District Overseer stating any previous trail maintenance experience. Applicants should be willing to commit to making at least 3 trips per season, Spring, Summer and Fall to clear water bars and blow downs, do annual brush clipping as needed and blazing every few years. Just three tools are needed on most maintenance trips, a small handsaw, hand clippers and a short hand hoe.



Rick Ste. Croix



Dick Welsh

P.O. Box 403 Monson, Maine 04464

Phone (508-954-1235)


  • AT section from Summit of West Peak to Summit of Gulf Hagas Mountain. This section also includes the Sidney Tappan Campsite. Distance is 1.8 miles, including a climb from the campsite to West Peak (750 feet elevation change) and from the campsite to Gulf Hagas Mountain (250 feet elevation change). A maintainer trail can be accessed by a high clearance vehicle from the Frenchtown Road or by the Katahdin Ironworks Road. In either case, you must also pass through an AMC gate. Katahdin Ironworkds gate access is free. The trail is in excellent shape.
  • East Branch of the Pleasant River to the Yoke Ponds Camp Trail. Distance of 2.2 miles. Includes a marked spring and the outlet of Mountain View Pond. Fairly flat section except for the rise of about 500 feet from the East Branch up the shoulder of Big Boardman Mountain. Access is vial the Yoke Pond Camps trail which is roughly 0.5 miles long. Section is in good shape having had regular maintenance.
  • A.T. section starting at the Junction of the Gulf Hagas Cut- off Trail North to the Junction of the AT with a maintainer trail on Gulf Hagas Mountain. Total distance 2.2 miles. The total elevation gain for the section is about 500 feet but has no radical hills. Access is via the maintainers trail from AMC lands. The section is in good shape and is currently being maintained through the end of 2018. The new maintainer will be starting in the spring of 2019.
  • A.T. section starting at the East Branch of the Pleasant River to S. Branch of the West Branch Ponds Rd. Total distance about 2.3 miles. Includes the East Branch Lean-to. The total elevation gain for the section is maybe 250 feet over the 2 miles making it about as flat a section you can find in the Whitecap district. Access is via logging road to one end of the section. This section is currently being maintained so is in good shape. The privy at the lean-to is scheduled for replacement with a new composting privy in 2019.


Craig Dickstein

P.O. Box 128 Caratunk, Maine 04925
Phone (207) 672-4983

  • Bald Mtn Brook campsite & Bald Mtn Brook lean-to (posted 7/29/19)This opportunity includes two adjacent facilities: the lean-to (with tent sites) and the campsite (approx. 0.2 miles from the lean-to).  Each has a pit privy, water source, and fireplace.  While these could be split into two assignments, the ease of access and proximity suggests that a single maintainer could handle both.Access is approx. 0.2 mile walk from the AT Road which crosses the AT. This is a great location for someone who wants to get involved, but may feel that they are not a strong enough hiker to adopt a strenuous Trail section or difficult campsite access.Responsibilities include:
    • maintaining the access trails at the campsite
    • cleaning the official fire ring and dismantling illegal fire rings
    • removing trash
    • keeping the lean-to sill logs clear of debris
    • ensure the water source is reliable and accessible
    • perform required maintenance of the pit privies
    • maintain a hiker register
    • maintain campsite signs.|
  • Baker Stream north to the AT Road (posted 7/29/19)

This beautiful section of the Appalachian Trail begins at the Baker Stream crossing and heads northeast toward Moxie Bald.  The Trail passes thru beautiful stands of conifer and mixed hardwood forest.

This section will need regular attention as it gets occasional winter damage and, of course, the ever present brush growth. Erosion and other water issues are not generally an issue on this section. Applicants should be willing to commit to making at least 3 trips per season: spring, summer, and fall to clear blow downs, clip brush, and refresh the white blazes as needed.

Access is simple as parking is available on Troutdale Road or in an AT parking lot at the northeast end of the section.

Section: Baker Stream south to the AT Road

End Points: Baker Stream at Troutdale Road & the AT Road

Distance: approximately 2.9 miles

Access: The Troutdale Road and the AT Road are excellent logging roads that provide access to the end points.


Dick Fecteau

284 Ramsdell Rd. Farmington, ME 04938
Phone: (207) 778-0870



Mike Ewing

37 River Road Richmond, ME 04357

Phone (207) 841-8335

  • Sawyer Notch Road to Summit of Moody Mountain: This section is 1.4 miles long but it rises 1200 feet in that span. It is a mix of boulders and spruce fir with some patched of hardwoods. Annual clipping and blowdowns are the typical maintenance tasks. 2 visits minimum.Access is via a woods road (most Subarus can make it) and a short 1+ mile walk to the AT crossing. Sawyer does have a notorious reputation. You can become one with the wild side of the AT maintaining this section of the AT in Maine.Eligible candidate must be in good physical condition and capable of carrying 30 lbs 5-6 miles up the trail and with 1200+ feet of elevation gain.
  • Grafton Loop Trail, Kelliher Road to Summit of Long Mountain:This section starts at the end of a woods rd and climbs 3 miles through mixed hardwoods gradually emerging into a more spruce dominant forest near the 3000’ summit ridge.  Blowdowns and lopping are the primary tasks and there are a few waterbars and drains to maintain.Access is via the Branch Rd in Newry to the so-called Skyline Drive to the Kelliher Road.Eligible candidates should be in good physical condition and be prepared to do at least 2 visits per year.
  • Grafton Loop Trail, Long Mountain to East Branch Wight Brook/Wight Brook to Lane Campsite/Lane Campsite to East Baldpate Campsite:This section is complicated. It consists of 3 formerly separate sections 2.6/1.1/1.8 miles respectively for a total of 5.5 miles total length but has the 3 mile approach from Kelliher Rd for RT of 17 miles. I recommend this section for a group of individuals interested in staying overnite to remove blowdowns and annual growth etc. Due to the long ‘commute’ I would feel OK with a group going in twice a year for a 2-3 night stay, working the Lane and Town Corner campsites and privies and the sections in between. From Lane to East Baldpate it is known to be very brushy.Would consider other options like rotating group of Camps or Outdoor Organizations as well as providing a tool cache at the Lane Campsite so it could serve as a base camp for interested groups.


David Field, MATC Overseer of Lands
Phone: (207) 862-3674

  • Corridor Monitor Assignments Available. There are still some great opportunities for becoming involved in this relatively new, exciting aspect of caring for the Appalachian Trail in Maine.  Click this link for a list of available assignments, information about corridor monitoring and field training sessions.