Trail Maintainer Vacancies



To receive an MATC trail maintenance section, you must be a member of MATC, with trail maintenance skills.
These can be learned by joining MATC or the Maine Trail Crew worktrips or attending the MATC trail maintenance workshop.

Chainsaw Certification Workshops

Contact the District Overseer for more information or to apply for a Maintainer position

Current Maintainer Vacancies




Rick Ste.Croix

Overseer, Katahdin District

    Updated 5-11-13


Ron Dobra


Whitecap District

PO Box 1771

Greenville, ME 04441

(207) 695-3959

  • White Brook Trail. This is a blue blaze access trail to the ridge of Whitecap Mtn., coming in to the AT about 1 mile south of the summit. The trail is steep and 2 miles down to a logging road that is variably passable by four drive wheel truck from the Katahdin Ironworks Road. Definitely a challenging section. – Posted 4/15/14
  • West Branch of the Pleasant River to side trail down to East Chairback Pond (includes trail to pond: nice views), and includes side trail to Gulf Hagas parking lot. Total of 2.1 miles. Access from KI Road (free admission through the gate). Needs a good brushing, blazing, and water bars cleaning.
  • Side trail to East Chairback Pond to Chairback Gap lean-to. Total of 2.7 miles, with a healthy climb both ways. Access from KI Road (free admission through the gate). Big views from Chairback Mtn. Needs a good brushing and blazing.

Updated 6-26-14


Craig Dickstein


Kennebec District


Phone: (207) 672-4983

No Vacancies at this time


Dick Fecteau


Bigelow District

284 Ramsdell Rd.

Farmington, ME 04938

Phone: (207) 778-0870

  • The 2 mile section of the Range Trail from the register box to the summit of Cranberry Peak is available. This section is easy to get to from Stratton and features almost 2000′ of elevation gain in addition to the stunning views from Cranberry. The section is in generally good shape but needs annual brushing, water bar cleaning and trail blazes maintained. - Posted 12/30/13


  • The 1.7 mile Abraham side trail is also available. This section features 800′ of elevation gain and great views from the ridge of Abraham. This section is currently accessed from the Barnjum road by hiking the AT over Lone mountain a distance of 3 miles and 1000′ of elevation gain. This section is in reasonably good shape but needs annual maintenance of blow down removal, clipping and drainage clearing. Posted 2-17-12

Applicants should be willing to commit to making at least 3 trips per season, Spring, Summer and Fall to clear water bars and blow downs, do annual brush clipping as needed and blazing every few years. Just three tools are needed on most maintenance trips, a small handsaw, hand clippers and a short hand hoe.

Anyone interested in these assignment may apply ASAP and I will contact all applicants later this Season. Thanks for your interest!


Tom Gorrill, Overseer
Baldpate District

Phone (207) 657-4249;

There is currently one position for a maintainer open in the Baldpate District.  It is a beautiful 3.5 mile section of the Appalachian Trail beginning at Route 26 northerly to the saddle between the east and west peaks of Baldpate.  This is a wonderful section of trail and you are rewarded with great views at the top of West Baldpate.Applicants should send a letter or email of interest stating any previous trail maintenance experience to Tom Gorrill, Baldpate District Overseer, MATC, 27 Wildwood Lane, Gray, Maine 04039 or  – Posted 6-28-14


David Field

MATC Overseer of Lands

Phone: (
207) 862-3674

Corridor Monitor Assignments Available. There are still some great opportunities for becoming involved in this relatively new, exciting aspect of caring for the Appalachian Trail in Maine.  Click this link for a list of available assignments, information about corridor monitoring and field training sessions.