Corridor Monitors Wanted

There are still some great opportunities for becoming involved in this exciting aspect of caring for the Appalachian Trail in Maine.  For information about corridor monitoring and field training sessions, visit the MATC website at or contact me (Dave Field) at 862-3674,  You must participate in a field training session before an assignment will be made permanent.  If you are unable to join a group session, I will make arrangements to train you on your own section. Note: The mileages given for each section are the distances along the boundary lines on each side of the corridor that […]

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White Brook Trail

One of the most remote areas of the A.T. in Maine – now newly accessible via the White Brook Trail.

“The highest mountain in the Hundred Mile Wilderness is easier to access thanks to recent improvements and trail relocations.” Maine Appalachian Trail Land TrustNovember 20, 2020 White Cap Mountain was protected by the Gulf Hagas Whitecap project in 2017, which was completed by the Forest Society of Maine, the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands and the Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust.White Cap is the highest mountain in the fabled Hundred Mile Wilderness and the trail this organization maintains – the White Brook Trail – is more accessible than ever. Take a tour of the project and learn about the ecology, history, recreation and […]

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MATC Affiliate Store

Get MATC Gear!

Show your support for MATC by proudly wearing and displaying official clothing and accessories emblazoned with the MATC logo. Check out the variety of MATC branded items at our “Trading Post” – on-line store. MATC has partnered with Spreadshirt to provide MATC branded clothing and accessories to members and supporters of the Maine Appalachian Trail Club. Items are available in a variety of styles and colors. MATC is a non-profit, 501c3 charitable organization and does not make any profit on these items. Spreadshirt is a third-party, affiliated vendor who handles all sales and questions regarding their products.

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Campsite Maintainer Wanted – White Cap District

Contact or for questions or interest in applying. Carl A. Newhall Campsite – Be the maintainer for a campsite named for a MATC legend! The Newhall campsite is located in the beautiful White Cap range and near Gulf Hagas. Drive access is via Katahdin Iron Works and an old logging road, but no special vehicle is required. Walk access is about 2.6 miles with ~700 feet of elevation gain. This campsite has a lean-to, tent sites, as well as a moldering privy. Privy maintenance involves “raking the pile”, but it’s really not that bad (witnesses available upon request); […]

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Saddleback Mountain

MATC’s Position on Saddleback Ski Area Solar Project

Regarding the Saddleback Ski Area Solar Project We encourage the owners of the Saddleback Ski Area (Arctaris Impact Fund) to move the location of its proposed grid-scale solar power generating facility to a location that would not impact the views from the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) on Saddleback Mountain.  At just over three miles away, the proposed 35-acre solar array would become the dominant feature on the landscape view looking north from the A.T. Other than Katahdin, Saddleback offers the longest open ridge walk along the A.T. in Maine and about 1.5 miles of this section would have frequent views of […]

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Leaves and Drainages: A Muddy Mix

It’s fall. That time of year with crisp air, shorter daylight hours, crunchy apples… and what else? Falling leaves! This vibrant foliage settles in voluminous quantities onto the ground in our yards. And the A.T. isn’t immune to this annual jettison of foliage either. But on the A.T. it can create problems with water drainages if not addressed. When it rains the leaves wash into these drainages where they often accumulate in the narrow or flatter locales, essentially damming the flow of water. Where’s the water to go now? In the trail! Water is ruthless and will find its way […]

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Maintainer Openings – White Cap District

Want to give back some of your time? Are you looking to get more involved with the trail? Whatever your reasons, the White Cap District has two trail sections in need of volunteer maintainers. A trail maintainer is primarily concerned with clearing blowdowns, cutting back brush, painting blazes and clearing water bars. Most maintainers with a couple of mile section find they can do reasonable job if they spend 2-3 days on trail work each hiking season. The club provides a maintenance handbook and field guide as well as on site training. Access to the maintainer trails usually doesn’t require a […]

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Bald Mountain Pond

Bald Mountain Pond Now Protected!

We have some BIG news to share. One of the Appalachian Trail’s most iconic stretches is now permanently protected.  Cold, clear Bald Mountain Pond in Northern Maine welcomes paddlers and anglers from across the country. Hikers on the Appalachian Trail skirt the far shore, threading through century-old forests, taking in views of Mount Katahdin, and bedding down for a night in the sturdy hikers’ shelter just a few steps from the pond’s banks. Many thru-hikers even call reaching this spot the highlight of their journey.  The timber companies that once owned the pond and the surrounding forest historically allowed recreational access […]

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Appalachian Trail Guide in Maine

For Sale at the MATC On-line Store Book and 7 maps:$24.00 MATC Members (20% discount)$30.00 Non-members Book with no maps: $12.00 MATC Members. (20% discount)$15.00 Non-members The Maine edition covers 282 miles from Katahdin in Baxter State Park to the New Hampshire state line in one planning guide and seven water- and tear-resistant maps. The pocket-sized planning guide contains background information, points of interest, and road-access directions. Each map is focused on the Appalachian Trail and overlaps with the neighboring maps. The surrounding area and additional side trails are also included. An easy-to-use elevation profile shows the ups and downs […]

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