Information for Campsite Maintainers

The Maine Appalachian Trail Club (MATC) maintains 45 designated campsites along the AT and its official side trails. This network includes 29 lean-tos and 45 privies. Volunteers with the MATC maintain these campsites, their structures, and related amenities.

Campsite Assessment Form– To print and take with you on your campsite visit and fill out on site. This is for a maintenance trip to a campsite with or without a lean-to and is used to track maintenance visits, deficiencies, and work completed.
Work Trip Report– Please fill this out after your maintenance trip to a campsite or lean-to. This report is used to track all volunteer hours with the MATC. From this link, you can also “Add Campsite Report” to submit your campsite assessment electronically, including photos.

If you do not wish to submit your report on-line you can:

  • Scan and e-mail to Laura Flight
  • Mail to: MATC Attn: Laura Flight P.O. Box 283 Augusta, ME 04330-0283

Signs to post at all campsites:

  • MATC Information
  • Carry In, Carry Out
  • Do not put trash in the privy
  • Please close door


Privy Information:

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Lean-To Information:


Electronic Maps:
To obtain GPS and other electronic map files of the AT, campsites, and parking areas, as well as to create your own maps, visit the ATC website.

Campsite Committee Information:
The MATC Campsite Committee works with District Overseers and campsite maintainers to track maintenance efforts as well as coordinate larger repair and construction projects. The Campsite Committee has the following primary duties:

  • Annually review conditions at 25% of the campsites
  • Prepare and maintain an inventory and 5-year plan for lean-to and campsite maintenance, repair, and replacement
  • Coordinate major repair projects at campsites
  • Evaluate the need and appropriateness of existing and new campsites
  • Maintain standards and guidelines for lean-tos, privies, and related campsite facilities
  • Educate and train overseers and campsite maintainers

The current Campsite Committee members are as follows. Please feel free to contact any of us or your District Overseer with questions or concerns.