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Official Guide to the Appalachian Trail in Maine
Fifteenth edition, published in 2009,
softbound, including seven trail maps, printed on all-weather plastic paper

Member $24.00 – Non member $30.00


Order Individual Maps

Members $6.00 each Map, Non Members $8.00 each Map

  • Map #1 – Katahdin to Nahmakanta Lake (Nesowadnehunk Stream, Abol Bridge, Rainbow Lake Area)
  • Map #2 – Nahmakanta Lake to West Branch of the Pleasant River (Jo-Mary, White Cap Mtn., Gulf Hagas)
  • Map #3 – West Branch of the Pleasant River to Monson (Barren-Chairback Range, Wilson Valley Area)
  • Map #4 – Monson to the Kennebec River (Piscataquis River, Moxie Bald, Pleasant Pond Area)
  • Map #5 – Kennebec River to Maine Highway 27 (Pierce Pond, Carry Ponds, Bigelow Mtn. Area)
  • Map #6 – Maine Highway 27 to Maine Highway 17 (Sugarloaf, Saddleback Mtn., Sabbath Day Pond Area)
  • Map #7 – Maine Highway 17 to Maine-New Hampshire State Line (Bemis Mtn., Grafton Notch, Mahoosuc Notch Area); Also includes the new Grafton Loop Trail.

by David B. Field

Along Maine's Appalachian TrailMaine native Myron H. Avery recruited friends from Washington,
DC; Maine forest and warden service personnel; guides and sporting
camp operators; and the Civilian Conservation Corps to extend the
Appalachian Trail through Maine, despite questions of whether it would
be possible to carve a trail through the state’s wildlands. Volunteers of
Maine’s Appalachian Trail Club, created by Avery in 1935, have since
maintained the trail, built shelters, relocated more than half of the
original hastily constructed route, and taken on the task of managing the
trail’s protection corridor. Along Maine’s Appalachian Trail illustrates the
rich history of the trail’s rugged mountains and vast forests, which have
provided a livelihood for generations of workers and communities.

David B. Field, retired University of Maine professor of Forest
Resources, has maintained six miles of the Appalachian Trail for 54 years.
He has served as an officer of the Maine Appalachian Trail Club and on
the board of managers of the Appalachian Trail Conference. The images
in Along Maine’s Appalachian Trail come primarily from the MATC
archives, Maine State Library, and the author’s personal files.


$20.00 for MATC members

$25.00 for non-members

Please inquire about shipping costs for multiple copies to the same address.

Order from Barbara Gorrill, Membership Chair, PO Box 55, Gray, Maine 04039. Make checks payable to MATC. We accept MasterCard and Visa.


Unfolded Maine AT Maps

Having no folds, they are perfect as posters for display or framing.

MATC members $10.00, Non-members $12.00

  • Map 1  Katahdin to South End of Nahmakanta Lake    13”X30”
  • Map 2  Nahmakanta Lake to West Branch of the Pleasant River  13”X30”
  • Map 3  West Branch of the Pleasant River to Monson   13”X22.5”
  • Map 4  Monson to the Kennebec River      13”X30”
  • Map 5  Kennebec River to Maine Highway 27    13”X30”
  • Map 6  Maine Highway 27 to Maine Highway 17    13”X30”
  • Map 7  Maine Highway 17 to Maine/New Hampshire State Line  13”X37.5”


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