Maintainer Openings – White Cap District

Want to give back some of your time?
Are you looking to get more involved with the trail?
Whatever your reasons, the White Cap District has a trail section in need of a volunteer maintainer.

A trail maintainer is primarily concerned with clearing blowdowns, cutting back brush, painting blazes and clearing water bars. Most maintainers with a couple of mile section find they can do reasonable job if they spend 2-3 days on trail work each hiking season. The club provides a maintenance handbook and field guide as well as on site training. Access to the maintainer trails usually doesn’t require a special car or truck. Chainsaw certification is not a requirement either although the club provides chainsaw training if desired. The current opening is:

Current VacancyAT from Big Wilson Stream south to Little Wilson Falls. The total distance is 3.1 miles. Total elevation gain is about 800 feet. From the south the section starts at the spectacular Little Wilson Falls, the highest falls on the AT in Maine, and goes north ending by following Wilson Stream for more than a 1/2 mile. There is more than a mile walk to get to the section.  

Come join a unique group of dedicated club maintainers and spend a couple of days a summer helping to preserve an important part of Maine. Personalized training will get you started with a rewarding experience. If interested or if you want more information, please contact:

Dick Welsh or Brad Deane – White Cap District
508.954.1235 or 207.232.1735

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