Corridor Monitors Wanted

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There are still some great opportunities for becoming involved in this exciting aspect of caring for the Appalachian Trail in Maine.  For information about corridor monitoring and field training sessions, visit the MATC website at or contact me (Dave Field) at 862-3674,  You must participate in a field training session before an assignment will be made permanent.  If you are unable to join a group session, I will make arrangements to train you on your own section. Note: The mileages given for each section are the distances along the boundary lines on each side of the corridor that a corridor monitor would need to walk to cover that section. For assignments on State-owned land, there are no surveyed boundary lines and monitoring is generally done by walking along the A.T. and observing the surroundings.

Open Corridor Monitoring Assignments

UPDATED 11-27-2020

  • Section 20. The Gulf Hagas Preserve. This very accessible section with 3.8 miles of boundary line is once more available for assignment.
  • Section 64. Bemis Stream Trail to Former Clearwater Brook Trail. This assignment involves 4.2 miles of surveyed boundary lines over rugged Elephant Mountain and along the sides of Bemis Mountain. It is very accessible from the southerly end if you can drive over a slightly rough gravel road and from the northerly end via a hike over the Bemis Stream Trail.
  • Section 65. Former Clearwater Brook Trail to South Arm Road.  This section begins at the bottom of the saddle between Old Blue and Elephant mountains, runs up over old blue and down into Black Brook Notch. Excellent access at the South Arm Road and an easy walk into the other end if you have a vehicle that can go over a slightly rough gravel road. The assignment includes 6.5 miles of surveyed  boundary lines. 

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