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Campsite Maintainer Wanted- White Cap District

Leeman Brook Campsite and Lean-to: This is the first campsite north of Monson! Drive access is about 0.4 miles from the paved road, and no special vehicle is required. Walk access is about a 0.3 miles on an old road to the A.T. then and additional 1.1 miles on the A.T. to the campsite with a total of 370 feet of elevation gain. The lean-to received a new deacon’s bench in 2011, and a new privy was built in 2019 so overall this campsite is in great shape and simply needs to be kept this way! Privy maintenance involves “raking the pile”, but it’s really not that bad (witnesses available upon request)- become an MATC “turd herder!” More information on campsite maintainer duties and privy maintenance. Contact campsite@matc

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