Maintainer Needed in the Baldpate District

Maintainer Needed in the Baldpate District

AT Side Trail:

Bemis Stream Side Trail:  Gated bridge over Bemis Stream to the intersection with the AT.  Bemis Road can be accessed via Route 17 south of Rangeley, ME.  Approximately 3 Miles long.

This section used to be part of the AT but was relocated many years ago.  The southern end of this section starts at the gated bridge over Bemis Stream.  This requires a 3 mile hike from the parking lot on Bemis Road.  The section terminates at the intersection of tis trail with the AT, a distance of approximately 3 miles.  The climb is strenuous at times but you do get a few views on the way up to the terminus of the trail.

This would be a good 2-3 day camping trip and could be done as a loop with the AT which returns northbound back to Bemis Road, approximately 0.5 miles north of the parking spot.


Ron Tebbetts

Manager, Baldpate District


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