Register Box Monitor Needed

Register Box Monitor Needed

We are seeking a volunteer to monitor the register box located on the back of the Piscataquis River near Blanchard. 

This register box if a short walk down to the riverbank from the Blanchard/Shirley Rd. AT crossing. 

The volunteer is asked to check the box regularly (usually every couple of months during the hiking season) and to pick up the completed cards and refill the box with blank cards supplied by the club and to make sure that there are pens and/or pencils to write with. 

Once the volunteer has picked up the cards they mail those ones from hikers asking for more information about the MATC to a data entry volunteer and report the information from the rest of the cards to me. Once this has been done the cards can be put into the recycling bin. 

If this is a task that you think might be of interest to you please contact Don Stack at or 207-929-5773.

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