Trail Maintainer Needed- Kennebec District

Baker Stream trail north to the AT Road

This beautiful section of the Appalachian Trail begins at the Baker Stream crossing and heads northeast toward Moxie Bald. The Trail passes thru beautiful stands of conifer and mixed hardwood forest.

This section will need regular attention as it gets occasional winter damage and, of course, the ever-present brush growth. Erosion and other water issues are not generally an issue in this section. Applicants should be willing to commit to making at least 3 trips per season: spring, summer, and fall to clear blowdowns, clip brush, and refresh the white blazes as needed.

Access is simple as parking is available on Troutdale Road or in an AT parking lot at the northeast end of the section.

  • Section: Baker Stream trail north to the AT Road
  • End Points: Baker Stream at Troutdale Road and the AT Road
  • Distance: Approximately 2.9 miles
  • Access: The Troutdale Road and the AT Road are excellent logging roads that provide access to the end points.

Interested Parties Please contact: David Dore – Kennebec district Manager

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