How Can I Help the MATC?

There are MANY opportunities for volunteers to help the MATC preserve and protect the Appalachian Trail in Maine, and have FUN to boot.

Volunteers with a variety of skills are needed ranging from light & heavy trail work to clerical to carpentry to computer database entry (register card data tabulation).

Help is always needed for work trips that could involve relocating trails, constructing lean-to’s, building bog bridges, building stone steps, painting blazes, general spring trail clean-up and working with the Maine Trail Crew.

Help Wanted – Group Registration Volunteer

Volunteer Needed to manage Maine Appalachian Trail Club’s Group Registration System. Groups from summer camps, colleges and scouts email their hiking itinerary thorough the MATC website.  A volunteer is needed to keep track of this information and pass it along to MATC and Appalachian Trail Conservancy Caretakers and Ridgerunners in the field, as well as Baxter State Park,  via email and cell phone. If overcrowding is imminent the volunteer will work with the youth organization to find an alternative trek. This registration system is voluntary and does not reserve a site. However, it is a great communication tool between youth groups and trail managers. If interested please contact Holly Sheehan, Club Coordinator, at matc@gwi.net or call (207) 518-1779. – Posted 4/29/16

View other Volunteer opportunities at the links below:

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If you’d like to help, but aren’t sure how you can, click the “I want to help” button below and tells us about some of your skills and interests. We will be sure to get back to you and find the right thing for you to do. Thanks!



Volunteer positions, work trips and assistance needed will be posted on our website – www.matc.org and in the MATC newsletter, The MAINEtainer.