Digital Trail Maps

Digital Trail Maps

Get the Latest Digital Trail Maps on Your Phone or other Mobile Device!

Be prepared for your next trail adventure with digital trail maps from the Maine Appalachian Trail Club.  Our popular trail maps are available on Apple iOS and Android devices using the Avenza Maps app.  Enhance your outdoor experience by using our app maps to pinpoint your location with GPS accuracy (even in areas of limited or no cell coverage), track your route, and navigate the trails in an exciting new way.  More than 200,000 digital trail maps have been downloaded by trail users, so view Maine Appalachian Trail Club Maps on today to get started!

Five steps for Using our Digital Trail Maps on Mobile Devices

  1. Download the free Avenza Maps app from Apple’s App Store or from Android’s Google Play.
  2. Click any map link below, or visit our page on to view all our maps!
  3. Tap on a map to preview it and read a description.
  4. Tap to either install a free map or purchase a for sale map.
  5. Your map is stored in the Map Library.

Note: You must create a free account to install purchased maps on multiple devices or to re-install deleted maps. To create an account, go to the Store and tap the Account button.

Ways to use the Avenza Maps app

The Avenza Maps app allows you to:

  • Use your device’s built-in GPS to see your real-time position on the map without an Internet connection.
  • Use simple multi-touch gestures to enlarge maps, add waypoints and more.
  • Track your movements and check speed and distance statistics.
  • Plan and measure your trail route.
  • Record locations of features and add photos.
  • Orient yourself with a built-in compass.
  • Find locations by directly entering coordinates, and view coordinates of your current position.
  • View satellite imagery of your location (internet connection needed).
  • Import and export map data to share with others (internet connection needed).
  • Find nearby points of interest using Google search (internet connection needed).
  • Access thousands of maps directly within the app’s Map Store.
  • Carry all your maps on one small device.
  • Record the location of a trail problem, take a photo of the problem, and send the information to the Trail Conference.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Avenza Maps app free?
    Yes.  Within the app, there are both free and for-sale digital trail maps available for download.
  • Do I need an internet connection to use this app?
    Initially, you will need an internet connection (WiFi or cellular service) to download the app and download digital trail maps.  Once a map is downloaded, it is stored on the device and is viewable and functional without an internet connection; using GPS, measuring distances, and finding coordinates can be done without service.  Certain advanced tools do require an internet connection.
  • What Maine AT Maps are available digitally?
    All 7 Maine Appalachian Trail maps are currently available both digitally and/or printed.
  • Does this digital app map replace the need for a printed map?
    No.  These digital app maps are not a replacement for printed maps that every trail user should have on hand.  Batteries can die, software can have issues, and weather can become problematic, so we certainly suggest you carry printed maps just in case.
  • Where Can I buy a printed map?
    Printed maps of the AT in Maine are available at the MATC Store
  • I am a member of the MATC.  Am I eligible for a discount on these digital app maps?
    No.  Discounts are currently not available on digital app maps.
  • Can I view the digital app map on my computer like I might view a PDF file?
    No, each digital app map is only viewable within the app.
  • Can I print out a copy of this digital app map?
    No, the app does not support printing.
  • Should I be worried about my device’s battery life?
    Battery life depends on many factors, but short trips should minimally affect your device’s battery.  For longer trips, you should monitor your battery life more closely.  To improve battery life, try adjusting brightness, closing other background apps, and turning off extraneous things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, notifications and e-mail syncing.
  • Who should I contact if I have issues with the App?
    Visit the Avenza Support Center to learn more about the app, troubleshoot, or ask questions about issues.

Maine Digital AT Maps on Avenza Maps

Links to each MATC map on Avenza Maps