Campsite Maintainer Information

MATC volunteers maintain 47 designated campsites, including 31 lean-tos and 49 privies.

Maintainer Tip Sheet: Are you a campsite maintainer? (If so- thanks!). The tip sheet is to help guide tasks, note deficiencies, and track work completed during your visit.

Work Trip Report– Please fill this out after your maintenance trip to a campsite or lean-to. Please remember to fill out the campsite inspection portion of the form!

New to campsite maintenance or need a refresher on the different aspects of campsite maintenance? Here’s a slide presentation that outlines the basics.

The MATC Campsite Committee works with District Managers and campsite maintainers to track maintenance efforts as well as coordinate larger building and repair projects. Please email the Campsite Manager for questions or concerns.

Privy additive “BioQuest” Tip Sheet on how to apply this product in your privy.

Do you maintain an accessible moldering privy? Here’s a Maintenance Tip Sheet to follow.

Building plans for accessible moldering privies: Link

Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) Backcountry Sanitation Manual

In 2013 the Maine Appalachian Trail Club began a 20-year effort to replace existing privies at its 43 campsites with accessible, above-ground moldering privies. Increased use of the A.T., an aging privy network, and compliance with federal accessibility standards necessitate this program. See the Fall 2018 MAINEtainer newsletter to learn more about the program (“Fun Facts…” on page 4), and this list for the anticipated replacement schedule.

Each project requires approximately 475 volunteer hours; they are no small task, but are good fun! Keep an eye on the work trip calendar below to join a trip!


Guide to Log Lean-to Construction

View Guide On-line

Think you might have a hazard tree at your campsite? Follow the Hazard Tree Action Flow Chart_(Draft) to determine the next best steps.

Hazard tree certification is required to identify, monitor, or mitigate hazard trees at campsites. Please email Tom Carr for more information.

The ATC is working closely with USFS and Private Forestry Division to deliver Risk Tree Awareness and Hazard Tree Assessment workshops online and in person for ATC staff and A.T. volunteers.


Tip Sheet on how to measure a roof if you find an issue at a privy or lean-to you maintain. Taking these measurements when you find the problem will help identify materials needed to fix the issue and prevent extra trips to the campsite.


Click each bar below for an example of each sign. Please email the Campsite Manager if you need a sign.

Campsite name

MATC information sign

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Pit privy information sign

Moldering privy information sign

Upcoming Campsite Work Trips

Privy Pre-Build

Come help with some construction fun! You can help build, organize lumber, or package materials. We will be pre-building 3 privies in Palmyra- come for one day or both! These privies will be built on-site later this season to replace the existing privies at Chairback Gap, Cloud Pond, and Moxie Bald campsites.

Find out more
Palmyra, ME,

Campsite Volunteers Wanted