Put your passion for the Appalachian Trail to work!

Trail Crew and Ridgerunner Positions

2023 Paid Seasonal Positions

All Positions have been filled – Thanks for your interest

  • Trail Crew Coordinator
  • Trail Crew Leader
  • Trail Crew Assistant Leader
  • Trail Crew Members
  • Appalachian Trail Ridgerunners

To Apply

  • Submit a cover letter, resume and references by email (indicate which position you are applying for in the subject line) to matcjobs@matc.org.  
  • Preference will be given to those applying by 1/31/23.
  • MATC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
  • All positions require compliance with a COVID-19 safety plan, which includes testing and showing proof of vaccination.
  • Sorry, no pets allowed.

Maine Trail Crew Positions Available

MATC’s Maine Trail Crew will be comprised of a mix of paid staff and volunteers (a team of up to 8) working to reconstruct the footpath in backcountry locations along the Appalachian Trail. The Trail Crew will build stone steps, water-bars, retaining walls, and other erosion control structures. Advanced training with stone cutting, stonework, rigging systems will be taught. Project locations will vary along remote section of the Appalachian Trail. Days off housing will be at Lake George Regional Park in Skowhegan, Maine. Food, some camping gear, as well as transportation to project sites will be provided if needed.

Maine Trail Crew

2023 Maine Trail Crew Job Opportunities 
(mid-May to mid-October)

The Trail Crew will rebuild degraded sections of the Appalachian Trail, including stone stairs, stepping-stones, waterbars, retaining walls, and relocations. Advanced training with stonework and rigging systems will be taught. Project locations will vary along remote sections of the Appalachian Trail and will include: Kennebec River-south, Fourth Mountain, Nahmakanta Stream, Wood Rat’s Spring, and the Hunt Trail on Katahdin. Days off housing will be provided at Lake George Regional Park in Skowhegan, Maine. Food, tools, camping gear, as well as transportation to project sites will be provided. 

Trail Crew Leader & Assistant Crew Leader

Supervise, help plan, and lead the hybrid paid/volunteer trail crew in remote parts of the Appalachian Trail and reconstruct degraded, eroding trail sections.  $18 – $24.50/hour

Trail Crew Coordinator

Organize basecamp and logistics for the field team. Plan and prepare backcountry/basecamp meals, purchase food, recruit, support and transport staff and volunteers, organize pack-ins/outs, training, and join the crew working on the Appalachian Trail as time allows. $19 – $21/hour

Crew Members

Be part of the team camping in the backcountry and rebuilding  Appalachian Trail sections.  $17 – $18/hour

To apply, email your cover letter, resume and references to matcjobs@matc.org. Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled. 

You must be available for the whole season, show proof of COVID-19 vaccination, and sorry no pets allowed. 

MATC is an equal opportunity employer. 

Trail Crew Volunteers Also Needed!

 Trail Crew Volunteers (1+ weeks opportunity from June 19th – August 24th) serve on projects that focus on rebuilding and restoring degraded sections of the Appalachian Trail. Benefits include training, local transportation, meals, and lodging/camping. To apply, complete this application.

Click here to learn more about volunteering with the Maine Trail Crew

MATC Ridgerunners

Appalachian Trail Ridgerunner Positions – FILLED

Appalachian Trail Ridgerunners  will greet, register, and educate hikers. Ridgerunners will impart backcountry camping and hiking knowledge, skills, and ethics focusing on youth groups and distance backpackers. For example: where to camp, how to protect water sources, ford a stream, and minimize fire impacts. Ridgerunners will provide education about rare alpine plants and steward summits and ridgelines. They will manage and provide light maintenance at campsites.

Ridgerunner Sites: Gulf Hagas Preserve, Bigelow and Saddleback Mountains

Schedule: May 20 through October 15, 2023, 40 hrs./week, all weekends, and holidays

Pay rate: $16.50 to 18.00 per hour

Housing stipend: $2,000 for the season will be provided to offset day-off housing costs

Housing/Food/Transportation: Ridgerunners will camp at backcountry sites during workdays and some gear will be provided. Food and day-off housing will be on your own. Personal transportation is required to get to trail heads.


  • Knowledge, skills and ethics of low impact backcountry hiking and camping practices
  • Desire and comfort with primitive, solitary, outdoor living and working conditions, including all types of weather
  • Good physical condition – able to hike with a 40 lb. backpack.
  • Public/customer service skills
  • Professional appearance and attitude
  • Good communication skills (including oral, by phone, and written)
  • Long-distance hiking experience