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MATC manages and maintains 267 miles of the Appalachian Trail in Maine from Route 26 in Grafton Notch to Katahdin. In addition, the MATC maintains nearly 40 miles of side trails. The trail is divided into five districts; from north to south: Katahdin, White Cap, Kennebec, Bigelow and Baldpate. Within each district, the trail is further divided in maintainer sections that are assigned to a person to steward; a typical length is 3 miles. Maintainers visit their section approximately three times a year to clean water bars, remove blowdowns, clip brush, repaint blazes and maintain signage.

Maine AT Trail Districts

Katahdin District

Katahdin District– The Katahdin District starts at the Jo-Mary Haul Road and continues northward to the summit of Katahdin.

District Manager: Herb Fithian

Whitecap District Map
White Cap District

White Cap District- The White Cap District starts at Maine Highway 15 and continues northward to the Jo-Mary Haul Road.

District Manager: Brad Deane

Kennebec District
Kennebec District

Kennebec District– The Kennebec District starts at the Long Falls Dam Road (which is north of New Portland) and continues northward to Route 15 in Monson

District Manager: David Dore

Bigelow District

Bigelow District- The Bigelow District starts at Route 4 and extends northward to the Long Falls Dam Road (north of New Portland)

District Manager: Mike Blais

Baldpate District

Baldpate District– The Baldpate District starts at Route 26 and extends northward to Route 4. It also includes the Grafton Loop Trail east of Route 26.

District Manager: Ron Tebbetts

Trail Maintainer Resources

ATC’s Register Newsletter: The stewardship newsletter of the ATC is intended for all maintainers. 

ATC’s Register Blog: Official blog for “The Register” newsletter; containing articles and updates from the ATC about stewardship on the Appalachian Trail. 

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Trail Maintainers who wish to use a chainsaw while maintaining their section of trail must have the appropriate chainsaw certification. MATC offers Sawyer/Chainsaw Certification courses periodically.

Tip Sheets for Chainsaw Techniques and Safe Sawing

These tip sheets are a good refresher on techniques and do not take the place of training or certification.

Blazes on the A.T. from Georgia to Maine are white in color and rectangular in shape. They measure 2-inches by six-inches; the same dimensions as a U.S. dollar bill. Use a high-gloss exterior latex paint.

The cleared A.T. should measure 4 feet wide by 8 feet tall; the same dimensions as a sheet of plywood. Tree limbs should be trimmed flush with the trunk and saplings should be cut at ground level or just below if possible. All cuttings should be removed from the trail.

  • A.T. Fieldbook: Maintenance and Rehabilitation Guidelines: Link
  • A.T. Design, Construction and Maintenance: Link

If you are a MATC trail maintainer, contact your District Manager to receive a free copy of the above!

Check out ATC’s Volunteer Training page for more resources!

Current Trail and Campsite Maintainer Vacancies

Anyone interested in these assignments may apply by sending a letter or email of application to the listed District Manager stating any previous trail maintenance experience. Applicants should be willing to commit to making at least 3 trips per season, Spring, Summer and Fall to clear water bars and blow downs, do annual brush clipping as needed and blazing every few years. Just three tools are needed on most maintenance trips, a small handsaw, hand clippers and a short hand hoe.

Contact the District Manager with questions or if you are interested in applying for a Maintainer position.


To be a maintainer, you must be a member of MATC with trail maintenance skills.
Skills can be learned by attending the MATC trail maintenance workshop or participating in Maine Trail Crew work trips.

See the posted “Vacancies” below and contact the District Manager for more information or to apply for a Maintainer position.