Voucher Reimbursement Form

Form Revised – 12/27/2020


  • Complete the form below listing expenses and providing supporting receipts.
  • Every check the Treasurer writes must have a voucher with a handwritten signature. A second (approval) signature should be included if the presenter is not an officer, when the amount is large, or the expense is unusual.
  • A common dilemma when preparing an expense voucher is determining which account to use. Is it Equipment?  or Supplies?
    • Equipment and tools are items that will last more than one season:  file cabinets, tents, crow bars, for example
    • Supplies are things that will be used up:  paint, flagging tape, stationery.
    • The file cabinet is equipment, the folders are supplies.  A new chain saw would be a tool, gas and oil for it are supplies, and replacing the carburetor is a repair.
  • Note that Postage appears three times on the Administration voucher:  for general purposes, for the MAINEtainer mailing, and for Fund Raising.  This is to help with the allocation required for the tax return.
  • MATC is exempt from income tax, but we are not exempt from sales tax.  
  • Click submit when completing the form.