End of a Journey - Photo by Peter Barr
End of a Journey – Photo by Peter Barr


Welcome to the Maine Appalachian Trail Club

where volunteers and trail enthusiasts maintain and manage
267 miles of the Appalachian Trail in Maine.
A mission we’ve been carrying out since 1935.


Volunteer opportunities range from back-country trail building to carpentry to computer database entry. Trail-building projects offer unique opportunities to meet new people, work as a team and experience the A.T. and surrounding vistas with new appreciation. Corridor Monitors get off the A.T. footpath and explore incredibly beautiful areas rarely seen.

There are many ways to be a part of the MATC


Friends of the A.T. in Maine

This new group promotes and supports MATC’s mission by hosting public events that shine the spotlight on both the trail and the volunteer trail work performed by members of the MATC. Visit the Announcement Page for current listings.