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(Updated 1/22/24)

There are only nine opportunities left for becoming involved in this exciting aspect of caring for the Appalachian Trail in Maine. For information about corridor monitoring and field training sessions, visit the MATC website at or contact me (Dave Field) at 862-3674, You must participate in a field training session before an assignment will be made permanent. If you are unable to join a group session, I will make arrangements to train you on your own section. Note: The mileages given for each section are the distances along the boundary lines on each side of the corridor that a corridor monitor would need to walk to cover that section. For assignments on State-owned land, there are no surveyed boundary lines and monitoring is generally done by walking along the A.T. and observing the surroundings.

Section 35.  Marble Brook to Outlet of Bald Mountain Pond. 5.29 ECB miles.  This section is now open for re-assignment.

Section 36cWest of Bypass Trail to Moxie Pond at Joe’s Hole. 5.50 ECB miles. This section is open for re-assignment. Erik Brooks, monitor for Section 37, located monuments 108-ME-1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Section 38 new.  Middle Mountain to Boise Cascade Road.  3.95 ECB miles. No report for 2020, 2021, 2022, or 2023. This section is open for reassignment.

Section 41.  Kennebec River to Outlet of Pierce Pond. 5.82 ECB miles.  This section is now open for re-assignment.

Section 42.  Outlet of Pierce Pond to N. Branch of Carrying Place Stream. 7.94 ECB miles. This section is now open for re-assignment.

Section 44.  Sandy Stream to SW inlet of West Carry Pond. 4.75 ECB miles.  No report for 2022. This section is now open for re-assignment.

Section 46.  Long Falls Dam Road to East Flagstaff Road. 1.19 ECB miles. Monitor Mike Davis. Mike did not visit his assignment in 2023 and suggests that it could be open.

Section 55.  Caribou Valley Road to Sugarloaf Side Trail. 3.67 ECB miles. This section is now open for re-assignment.

Section 57a. Mt. Abraham Side Trail to Barnjum Road. 3.6 ECB miles. New section open for assignment.

Section 63b.  Middle of Bemis Ridge to Bemis Stream Trail. 5.37 ECB miles. This section is open for assignment.

Section 69East B Hill Road to East Peak of Baldpate Mt. 6.45 ECB miles.  Monitor Bill Brooke. Bill visited his assignment on 11 October, walked 1.09 miles of remote, poorly maintained line on Tract 115-04, and documented monuments 115-ME-26, 26A, 26B, and 27, but was unable to find 25 or 26C. Bill wishes to give up this assignment but will continue in 2023 until I can find a replacement.

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