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What is the MATC?

What is MATC’s Strategic Plan

At the January 8, 2022 Executive Committee meeting, the Strategic Planning Committee presented an overview of the draft implementation plan they have developed to address the five identified goals. 

1.  Planning for the operational and financial implications of the Trail Center

2.  Improving communication, internally, externally and with partners

3.  Expanding our membership, volunteers and diversity

4.  Improving volunteer and executive committee training

5.  Broadening our fundraising to support club operations and reduce dependence on NPS/ATC funding

The committees presentation can be viewed below.

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What is the Appalachian Trail? 

Does MATC maintain all of Maine’s AT?

What does maintaining an AT section involve?

What is corridor monitoring and how can I learn more about it?

I’ll be backpacking Maine’s AT this year. Is it safe to wade across the Kennebec River?

How do I become a member of MATC?

Who do I contact for more information about MATC and the AT in Maine?

Can anyone go out on an MATC worktrip?