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The following reports have been submitted by hikers on the Maine AT. The reports have been sent to District Trail and Campsite Overseers.

Current Trail Reports

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8/16/2020HalWrightHorseshoe Canyon lean-to to MonsonThere is more than the normal amount of blowdown from Caratunk to Monson, but the above section is especially bad. Lots and lots of downed trees requiring all sorts of creative ways to get by, including some which are damaging the environment off-trail.
8/26/2020PhilipSomersBog between east and west baldpate1. The bog bridging is dated and in need of replacement.
2. The deep bog that has no bridging has been in need of something since first navigating it in the 1970’s. Perhaps even a relocation. Sorry I have no coordinates but I believe the maintainer and overseer are aware of the locations.
8/28/2020RandolphWentworthMile 2026.4 Gravel Road (2.5 miles past West Carry Pond going northbound)This is a tricky intersection. Could you add a couple of blazes for the north bound hiker. There are no blazes. AWAL says to go West but that leads to a fork in the road with no blazes to steer you right. Thanks for your excellent work!
8/28/2020RandolphWentworthMile 2081.4
Little Wilson Ford
I know that this has been a tough year to maintain trails and appreciate all you are doing. I would suggest a blaze for hiking northbound out of the campsite
8/28/2020RandolphWentworthMile 2056-2070You probably already know this but there are a mess of blow downs in this stretch of the trail. I am grateful for all you have done in spite of COVID and just sent a donation to MATC. Thanks!