Horns Pond


Horns Pond – This site is part of the 36,00 fragile, high elevation zones: Horns Pond and Avery Col.

The Bigelow range is a close second to Katahdin for ridge walking, much of it is above tree line and extremely difficult. Peaks in the alpine zone include Avery Peak (4,088′) and West Peak (4,150′). Hikers camp at Horns Pond on their way up to the South Horns and West Peak, then over to Avery Peak.

The total number of trail users recorded by our caretaker in 2004 was 2,332, including 623 day hikers (an increase of 35% since 1980), 421 overnight campers, 765 in organized groups, and 523 thru-hikers.

Horns Pond is the MATC’s heaviest used site for overnight campers, attracting approximately 3,000 – 4,000 backpackers each season. Many youth groups flock to Horns Pond. This camp site can handle fifty people at a maximum, and has seen that many on the busiest weekends.