What is Corridor Monitoring?

From Michelle Moody via MATC Facebook Corridor monitoring…What is that you ask…I call it a walk on the wild side. It means following the property boundaries of a property. In our case, the Appalachian Trail in Maine. We are responsible for a section from Big Wilson Stream to Long Pond Stream in the 100 Mile Wilderness. Sometimes you get great views and sometimes you just enjoy the little things nature has to share with you. It’s like going on a geocaching hunt except you are looking to follow the survey line and find monuments marking the line or corners. Some […]

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Bald Mountain Pond

Bald Mountain Pond Now Protected!

We have some BIG news to share. One of the Appalachian Trail’s most iconic stretches is now permanently protected.  Cold, clear Bald Mountain Pond in Northern Maine welcomes paddlers and anglers from across the country. Hikers on the Appalachian Trail skirt the far shore, threading through century-old forests, taking in views of Mount Katahdin, and bedding down for a night in the sturdy hikers’ shelter just a few steps from the pond’s banks. Many thru-hikers even call reaching this spot the highlight of their journey.  The timber companies that once owned the pond and the surrounding forest historically allowed recreational access […]

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Long-Time MATC Volunteer Featured in ATC Blog

ATC’s blog post from July 28 tells the story of a day in the life of an A.T. volunteer; getting up early on a day off to move rocks, cut brush, and swat bugs. All for a whopping paycheck with lots of zeros, including a leading zero… But the rewards are tremendous and have lasting impacts. Featured in the ATC blog post is MATC legend Dave Field; he’s been maintaining and protecting the A.T. for over 50 years! Be sure to scroll down the page to read about Dave, and watch the “myATstory” short film on his lifetime of efforts!

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