Saddleback Mountain

MATC’s Position on Saddleback Ski Area Solar Project

Regarding the Saddleback Ski Area Solar Project We encourage the owners of the Saddleback Ski Area (Arctaris Impact Fund) to move the location of its proposed grid-scale solar power generating facility to a location that would not impact the views from the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) on Saddleback Mountain.  At just over three miles away, the proposed 35-acre solar array would become the dominant feature on the landscape view looking north from the A.T. Other than Katahdin, Saddleback offers the longest open ridge walk along the A.T. in Maine and about 1.5 miles of this section would have frequent views of […]

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4x6 Corridor

4-ft X 6-ft

4-ft X 6-ft: Trail maintainers are tasked with keeping a 4 X 8 foot corridor along the tread way for clear hiker passage. “One should be able to carry a 4X8’ sheet of plywood upright through the woods”.  That standard is a high bar to meet in some places. Photo by Tony Barrett

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