Volunteer Service Awards


The Comprehensive Plan for the Appalachian National Scenic Trail includes a definition of the Appalachian Trail that states: “ThebodyoftheTrailisprovidedbythelandit traverses, and its soul is in the living stewardship of thevolunteers and workers of the Appalachian TrailCommunity.” ATC and the federal agencies are very proud of the volunteer commitment to protect and manage the Trail. This recognition program is offered by ATC and the NPS- Appalachian Trail Park Office (ATPO) as a means of thanking A.T. volunteers for their contributions.


The Hours of Service recognition program is based on the cumulative hourly contributions of volunteers to the Appalachian Trail and is administered by ATC, primarily through local Trail clubs. Trail clubs may decide whether or not to participate in this program as a resource for recognizing volunteers, and if it augments other volunteer recognition programs within the club.


The following MATC members were recognized at the Annual Meeting held on April 17, 2020 for their hours of volunteer service.

To collect your award, please contact Peter Roderick at roderick1027@gmail.com

Minimum of 1,000 hrs – Vest (Black Fleece)

▪ Dana Humphrey

▪ Patricia Harding

Minimum of 500 hrs – Cap (Khaki – Embroidered)

▪ Emily Zimmerman

▪ John Robichaud

▪ Priscilla Seimer

▪ Brad Deane

▪ David Theoharides

Minimum of 100 hrs – Patch

▪ Brian Kaczor
▪ Clint Buzzell
▪ Alan Bellows
▪ Cliff Young
▪ Mike Davis
▪ Donna Dickstein
▪ •Nancy Stewart
▪ Karon Salch
▪ Dave Hacker
▪ Barbara Zimmerman
▪ David Brooks
▪ Ned Porter
▪ Paul Fopeano
▪ Don McDade
▪ Kathleen Cardi
▪ Nevin Miller
▪ Jay Seiler
▪ Kenlyn Clark
▪ Dick Doucette
▪ Tom Jamrog
▪ Roger Smith
▪ Mark Boucher
▪ Ben Hale
▪ Bonnie Litchfield
▪ Charles Moody
▪ Susan Stemper
▪ Ardie Hacker
▪ Peter Gagne 
▪ David Wilson
▪ Bobby Campbe
▪ Joe Kerr
▪ Greg Blanchette
▪ Chris Reid
▪ Bob Barrett 
▪ Ross Mitchel
▪ Keith Corson
▪ Logan Wilson
▪ Becky Adams
▪ Bud Lemieux
▪ Katherine Fortin
▪ Vicky Collins
▪ Steve Niles
▪ Jeffrey Smith
▪ Mike Pulk
▪ David Vachon
▪ Benton Schwartz
▪ Dan Simonds
▪ Sam Prindall
▪ Eric Rose
▪ Dawn Towey 
▪ Ron Balistre
▪ Stuart Whiteman
▪ Tim Healy
▪ Kevin Thomas
▪ Stephen Bumps
▪ Gordon Small 
▪ Laurie Ewing
▪ Peter Wright
▪ Lori Johnson
▪ Scott Tomlinson
▪ Hannah Stevens
▪ Doug Hermann
▪ Jonathan Cohen
▪ Daniel Dauphinee
▪ Dave McCarthy
▪ Ariel Miller
▪ Linda Dyer

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