What is Corridor Monitoring?

From Michelle Moody via MATC Facebook

Corridor monitoring…What is that you ask…I call it a walk on the wild side. It means following the property boundaries of a property. In our case, the Appalachian Trail in Maine. We are responsible for a section from Big Wilson Stream to Long Pond Stream in the 100 Mile Wilderness. Sometimes you get great views and sometimes you just enjoy the little things nature has to share with you. It’s like going on a geocaching hunt except you are looking to follow the survey line and find monuments marking the line or corners. Some are well hidden, some you easily seen. If you enjoy a wild walk, this may be just the thing for you to join in on. Great isolation. If not on the AT, maybe with your local land trust. It’s a great way to give back to those trails you love. Click here for more info on MATC’s work in Maine.

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